The little things.

As I was walking the hound this morning, one of my elderly neighbors asked me for some help. She said her kids and grand kids have shown her over and over again how to turn on her radio, but she can’t remember. She asked me if I would come in and help her. She had planned on going to church, but decided to stay home and listen to some tapes. When I came inside and saw this radio – I could see how anyone could be confused. It looked like a spaceship – buttons and lights all over the place. But we figured it out – a sermon from Allen Temple began to fill the room. I then went round up my little hound, which she allowed to roam freely – and before I left, she gave me what you see pictured here. “Get your little puppy a snack,” she says. I tell her it’s not necessary, but she insists. It’s these random acts that put things into perspective – on the surface, it only looks like $2 – but moments like these are invaluable. #oakland #love



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