Upon further review…

(I know this post isn’t about my beloved town, but I just had to pen these thoughts and share.)

Hmmm, what to say about this Ray Rice situation. It’s sad. It’s unfortunate. And never EVER should have happened. But we tend to say this over and over again with situations like this. Specifically when it involves the physical and/or emotional harm of one person by another on such a public platform.

The Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook world has taken this situation by storm with post and comments weighing in on both ends of the spectrum. Some feeling that Rice’s punishment is way past due. Others feeling that folks make mistakes such as these, and should be entitled to another chance. And then there are some that condone such behavior – essentially saying that the abuse of a woman is ok, just as long as you don’t get caught. Such scenarios like these are just insane to me.

I just wonder though, given this particular instance, how long has such abuse gone on between Rice and his now wife, Janay Palmer? How many “warning signs” went on without any condemnation or cease? How many times did “baby I won’t do it again” get a pass? When I say the first video about this – the one where Rice drug his then fiancé’s unconscious, lifeless body from the elevator, I wondered what was the response from this young woman’s father was? Brothers? Uncles? Cousins? Friends? Or her mother? Aunts? Sisters? How about those of Ray Rice?

I’m not condoning any idea of retaliation. Although, if either one of these individuals were remotely connected to me, I don’t know if I would react with sound mind and body. I just can’t help but wonder did anyone else notice anything like this before or after the “elevator incident.” And if they did, why didn’t they do or say something?

Given the platform that Ray Rice was on, one can only infer this: the risk of losing everything outweighed the need to do the right thing. Apparently, such seems to be the case for Rice and his wife, and perhaps those within their close circles as well. No one wants those skeletons exposed, and run the risk of wearing that scarlet letter for life. And sadly, the idea of losing all the stuff that comes along with being in the spotlight – specifically, the money, fame, etc. However, when those bones burst out of that box folks choose to stuff them in someone will catch wind of it, and they will be put on display – in this instance, the TMZ museum.

Unfortunately, it’s sad to say that this is not the first time, and even more unfortunate to say that this may not be the last time something like this will happen. I do hope that Rice and his wife get the help that they both need as they try and heal, pick up the pieces that lie before them and move forward. However, I think that we should do more in teaching our young people how to treat one another as well as how to treat themselves. No one should feel they need to abuse someone else, especially to show their “love” for that person. And the recipient of this “love” should not feel the need to accept it.

I think Queen Latifah said it best with this: