Macroaggression 5,978,234,109…

It happened again. Sometimes there are warnings, and sometimes you are absolutely blindsided.

When you have a “seat at the table” – but you are not quite welcomed.

They either try and pull the chair right from under you as you prepare to sit; serve you with useless/subpar utensils. They may attempt to serve you the scraps, or in some instances, nothing at all.

The “seat at the table” in this context is the seat in which you have the opportunity to be a change agent. An interrupter of injustice. A person that could bring different thoughts/ideas/suggestions to the table that could be helpful to creating positive outcomes to the communities that we are charged with serving.

Today, I got hit with an instance very similar to the good old fashion requests of, “let me speak to your manager.” Even though the manager listed me as the point person… Sigh.

Thoughts that take up precious brain space, feelings, and energy unnecessarily. Regardless as to how much I try not to let this happen – it’s there, and exhausting.

No one should have to jump up and down yelling, “excuse me, but I belong here!”

You’re darned if you do and your darned if you don’t.

If you are silent and just go with the flow – ignorance wins.

If you say something, you play into the negative image that they already had of you (I.e. you are “unprofessional,” you’re loud, you’re argumentative, you’re aggressive, etc.) – and still, ignorance wins. What to do? Self-preservation is key, but dang!


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